Midlands based photographer Jeff Boston

 Portrait – Fashion –  Beauty

Worcestershire-Warwickshire-West Midlands


My experience in photography goes way back into the days of film and I have photographed most genres.  My main love though is people, from little people through to seniors…….. singles, couples and families.  Within this my passion is for fashion and beauty.  The following quote just about sums up where I’m coming from:

“I love light. I love colour. I love creating an environment, an atmosphere, an emotion. I love capturing a fleeting trait that I see in someone. I love transforming a subject into a character. Sometimes there’s a concept motivating my actions. Most of the time, however, I am making it up as I go.

I love it all.”

Nick Fancher 2015

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Photography is all about Light, Composition and most importantly…….Emotion.