David and Lora – Après le mariage photoshoot……..

Castle portraits- crop1

A couple of days after the wedding we had the opportunity to return to Kasteel Duivenvoorde for a post wedding photoshoot.  Lora and David were thrilled to be able to once again wear their wedding attire for some more exciting portraits in the stunning interior of the castle………

Castle portraits-0923

Castle portraits-1078-Edit

Castle portraits-1169-Edit

David and Lora-496-2

David and Lora-507

David and Lora-511-Edit

David and Lora-514-Edit

David and Lora-516-Edit-Edit-2-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit

David and Lora-529-Edit

David and Lora-531-Edit-Edit-Edit

David and Lora-538

David and Lora-539-Edit

David and Lora-558

David and Lora-558-Edit

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